Saturday, January 18, 2014

Winterstock 2014

Breakfast Club will be one of 22 bands performing at the first annual Winterstock music celebration, hosted by . . .
the Lonely Mountain Band:

The event will be held over the weekend of January 17th through the 20th on the Landroval server, to be precise. Our Dwarven hosts would want me to be precise about that. Yes, yes, Dwarven hosts … the event will be held at wintry Thorin’s Gate!
There shall be music!
There shall be ale!
And there shall be pie … of course!
And there shall be snow!
Did I mention music?

Winterstock will be held on the frozen pond next to the Silver Deep Mine at Thorin’s Gate. Please remember to mark your calendars! And you might want to pack some warmer clothing, too.
All you need is a level 6-7 character. Travel to Thorin’s gate via stable from Bree (Breeland), Celondim (Ered Luin) or Michel Delving (The Shire).

For complete information, including the schedule of events, visit LotRO Artists at

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