Bree Concerts

Saturday Concerts:

After band practice, we gather by the Bree South Gate, just across from the vault and the item-masters, for a concert that can last up to two hours. We make announcements in glff, regional and rp-ooc chats. There's plenty of room to dance and have a good time. You may also wish to plan to get some relics melded or spend some Legendary Points while we play! On the first Saturday of the month, you can find us in the same location on Landroval.

Date: Saturdays, year-round
Time: Around 1:00 PM Eastern Time
Location: Bree South Gate / Stable area
Server: Crickhollow, except for the first Saturday of each month. On first Saturdays you can find us on Landroval.


Elevenses has been a Crickhollow tradition since the server's inception. Meet inside Michel Delving's Bird & Baby Inn for Early Elevenses on Sundays at 11am and Evening Elevenses on Mondays at 11pm. It's a time for light music, the telling of tales, singing, dancing, riddles, jokes, the latest news and gossip, and of course, PIE! All well-mannered folk are welcome, including Elves, Dwarves, and Men, but expect a Hobbity warm and welcoming atmosphere at the Inn. It's a great opportunity to spend relaxing time with your friends or make new ones, to role-play (or learn how), and to socialize with your Crickhollow neighbors in a casual setting. Breakfast Club members can always be found making music at Elevenses. Feel free to bring your instruments and play too!

Date: Sundays and Mondays, year-round
Time: 11:00 AM Eastern Time on Sundays; 11:00 PM Eastern Time on Mondays
Location: The Bird and Baby Inn, Michel Delving
Server: Crickhollow

Bread and Jammin' at the Pony

Bread and Jam Sessions:

Bread and Jam Sessions inside the Prancing Pony began in June 2012 with a core group of Breakfast Club players who wanted to bring the Elevenses experience to Bree on Friday nights. Expect an edgier, more freewheeling musical experience, lots of role-players, and plenty of tunes. The "stage" is the red carpet by the front fireplace, Butterbur has plenty of ale on tap, and everyone is welcome to take a turn playing music. A Bard is readily available in the Pony if you need to purchase any instruments, and you'll always find folks who can assist you with learning how to use .abc files.

Date: Fridays, year-round
Time: 9:00-11:00 PM Eastern Time
Location: The Prancing Pony, Bree
Server: Crickhollow

Scheduling a Concert:

If you would like Breakfast Club to play at a special event--a kin anniversary party, a birthday, a wedding, or some other special occasion, please contact Dallofin or Larksong via Shire Post or by tell on Crickhollow. You may also contact Bibliocat or Dallofin at Second Breakfast if you have a Guild Launch account. Currently, we can play concerts on Crickhollow, Landroval, and Gladden.

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