Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Countdown to Weatherstock 2012

Thanks to CSTM for this Interview with Daffin for
Weatherstock 2012 . . .

Hoi! Dallofin Bolderbrook here, Leader o’ th’ Breakfast Club, th’ Second Breakfast Kinship’s Band from Crickhollow! I’ll try t’ answer all o’ them questions an hope I don’t get too long-winded…
  • What made me (or us) d’cide t’ start a band?
    • Well, it weren’t exactly my decision; I joined up with Second Breakfast (“SB” from here on out) a year ago come July, an one o’ th’ first big shindigs I was present fer was when Harperella (who started our Kinship, as y’ might not know) brought a edition o’ Ales an Tales over t’ Crickhollow one week. Well, we needed a band t’ play fer that, an there WAS a band already, but fer reasons havin t’ do with th’ far-off realm o’ Ree’il Lyphe, none o’ th’ Official leader types was really available t’ organize it. So I hiked up m’ trousers an waded on in. Not that I knew what I was doin, mind ye, but SOMEbody had t’ get th’ thing organized. Well; as it turned out, it weren’t a total catastrophe. But then nothin more really happened with th’ Band an so that Fall, I posted in th’ Forum, “Bring Back th’ BAND!” Well, y’ know th’ sayin, “Be careful what y’ ask fer”… Th’ Powers That Be said, “Y’ want a Band? All right, BLAM!! Yer th’ Leader, congratulations!” … so that’s how THAT happened.
  • How long have we been makin music?
    • Well, some o’ us, since last Fall. It was touch an go fer a few months there, we’d have mebbe 3 or 4 people turn up at th’ weekly practice, but I figgered I’d been given a job, an I like t’ blieve that I ain’t a quitter, so we kept meetin regardless o’ numbers. But recently, we seem t’ have turned a corner, an we got probly half th’ members in th’ last 2-3 months.
  • What kind o’ Music?
    • I’d say all our music pretty much fits under one headin: Eclectic. We can do a entire concert o’ Lore-appropriate stuff, but we also play Big Band, Classical, bit o’ Heavy Metal… ye’ll just have t’ wait an see ;)
  • Do we transcribe our own music?
    • A lot of it, aye. I’d say probly 40% o’ th’ numbers we do has been produced by someone in th’ Band. Th’ rest is stuff we stolborroappropria are tryin t’ expose t’ a larger audience.
  • Do we do original stuff, or have a “signature piece”?
    • So far, there’s only one original piece in our repertoire, a musical settin o’ Bilbo’s “Th’ Road Goes Ever On” which I took th’ liberty o’ workin up. But when I transcribe other songs, I tend t’ re-arrange ‘em an sometimes write in extra parts an whatnot. As fer a Signature piece, nothin Official, but mebbe th’ song we’re goin t’ open our set with at Weatherstock might become that. What song is it? Guess ye’ll find out when everyone else does :)
  • How do we choose new songs?
    • Well, first off, any o’ th’ band members can add a song; as th’ Leader, th’ songs I’m liable t’ choose fer performances is th’ ones that I think are musically interestin. I want songs that folks’ll listen to, not chat over. But really, that’s th’ only criterion.
  • Do we hold reglar concerts?
    • Not as o’ yet; but that may be changin soon. There’s some discussion o’ rollin our weekly meetins into some kind o’ performance. We’ll see how that turns out.
  • Would we play fer people’s parties/weddins/funerals/baptisms?
    • Sure, if anyone ever asked us ;)
  • What about our wardrobe?
    • Well, tho SB has lots o’ good members from every race o’ th’ Free Peoples (well, no Ents… I dunno, do they count?), still, it’s a Hobbit-oriented Kinship, an Hobbits, I don’t need t’ tell ye, ain’t too fond o’ Regimentation. So we don’t have a Uniform. We DO color-co├Ârdinate, tho, so people can tell us from th’ passers-by. I chose th’ colors on m’ own, an found out later that most members o’ th’ Band ain’t too fond o’ one of ‘em, so we may need t’ readjust that, but not til after Weatherstock. More important stuff t’ worry about.
  • Any Surprises?
    • Now that’s a trick question! If I told ye, it wouldn’t be a surprise, now would it? We WERE plannin t’ hatch a Drake Egg durin our finale, but th’ organizers frowned on that idea fer some ridiculous reason havin t’ do with casualties… I dunno, mebbe we’ll think o’ somethin else ;) 
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